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What makes for a good speech? Correct pronunciation, having reliable sources, being comfortable, body language, eye contact, your tone of voice, volume in voice, having facts as well as your own opinion, posture, having confidence when speaking, your timing or pace, your tone friendly, excited or authoritative depending on the speech I think are all must haves

hello everyone. I really need help for a speech. Here is the story: at school, in my class, my teacher told us that there would be a president, vice president, and a secritary. I said i wanted to become the Vice President. But he said we must make a speech, saying how we would like to pursuave everyone. My question is: What will make my speech best?

Thank-you for your time. And i would be delighted to get an answer from someone. ^.^

Minu. And all my love.

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Hello, I am actually doing a speech soon.
and I think you have to have a good topic with good saportting ideas Emotion: stick out tongue
Loud voice,clear voice and posture.Thats all i can think of rather than the top post.
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you ust have to make one
Practice standing up and actually saying it. In other words, rehearse out loud. Many times.