How should the quality of teaching be measured, assuming it can be measured at all?

We can count the number of times the teacher has been cited in professional journals. We can count the number of books the teacher has written. But teaching -- whoo! -- it's just very hard to assess. What makes a teacher great?

What about turning the "equation" upside down? What makes a teacher ineffective/bad/incompetent?

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Maybe we can answer by seeing the results the teacher gets?
If the students, at the end of the year, are not repelled by the subject of the course, if most of them progress, and if a few of them feel a growing interest in the matter, then I guess you can say the teacher was good.
Not necessarily. The teacher could be teaching to a big lot of bunch of dumbos. The teacher's teaching capability may be excellent but the students may not be interested in studying at all.
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Then we could say" a teacher is not a good teacher when he makes all his students hate what he teaches...", the antithesis not being "a teacher is a good teacher when he makes his students like/love what he teaches", but rather "... when he leaves his students as indifferent to what he teaches at the end of the year than they were at the begining"?
I was postulating that, in a bunch of dumbos, a good teacher could awake interest in the matter of the course at least in one of them. Otherwise it's not very flattering for the students!
I think a teacher is good if he/she can motivate his students enough.
Iam most sorry anita but i totally disagree with you.

It doesnt matter how "Dumb" a pupil is or how smart a pupil is the main thing is there education and if you get a teacher who is uninteresting,strict,pety,or cocky i think you will find that the pupil no matter of inteligence will be more inclined to find the lesson a long drag.

personly i think the pupils should be the ones who interview them by having a normal lesson to see if you the pupil have learnt something.A realy good teacher can keep anyone's concentration and work standard to an ultimate high!

I hate my teachers at school because they are pety and cocky and quite frankly do not give a damn about my education but of the welfare of the school!!Emotion: dog[Z]Emotion: pizzaEmotion: snailEmotion: paradise[bah]
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When you look back 15 or 20 years later which teacher do you remember fondly? That is the teacher who truly made an impact in your life.

I think a teacher who is true to his title, is someone who is willing to sacrifice his time and energy into moulding a child's personality and future. He would not just teach what is written in the books but would invent his own method of teaching in order to grab the average kid.

On one side of the equation we have genetically dumb kids, a teacher can t help such cases. But on the other side ( let's face it), we have teachers who only come for their monthly wages.

if u ind an answer to " what makes parents good or bad " u'll find the answer for ur questions

i dont believe that there is a good or bad division here .. im a teacher and sometimes i feel im doing good and others ..well ,, not good

but im a human like any other i do mistakes and i get upset ( i think as long as i have a good heart and a good will i can be a good teacher )
The best teachers leave their students with a desire to learn more.
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