Hi everyone.

I want to know the exact meaning of being "submissive to women". Many people have given me different connotations and meanings. I hope for an expert to give me the exact meaning.

Also I want to know the exact meaning of "being Passionate"

and also want to know the meaning of "iron related" in the real world phenomena.
Being submitted to somebody is to acknowledge somebody to be in a greater authority than you are. You obey that person without complaining or arguing about it.

'Being passionate' has two meanings:
1. being filled with anger.
2. expressing an intense feeling of enthusiasm.

I couldn't find 'iron related' but you can give it a try using google yourself Emotion: wink
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As to submissive to women, I'd say it means to like taking orders from women, or being unable NOT to take orders from them.
This is the third time this has been asked in the last few months. Is there a really strange textbook out there somewhere?
"Submitted" is completely different from "submissive". To submit something is to present it for inspection . To be submissive is to permit one's self to be dominated.

Passionate is frequently associated with intense affectionate emotion although one can be passionate about almost anything. It merely indicates a high intensity of interest and focus on something.. The something can be, for example, someone of the opposite or same sex, mathematics, art, or wine or cheese.
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The best I could discover about "iron related" is that the phrase refers to the presence of iron in a particular context. The living body requires the element of iron to function properly. Haemoglobin in blood cells transports oxygen around the body and iron is the element vital to this compound. Anemia is a disease that is iron related because there is insufficient iron in the body.

In another context, the presence of traces of iron in sensitive situations such as in the doping of silicon for computer chips may disturb the capability of the components to function properly. The problem then might be said to be iron related.
Being submissive is to "stand" behind your partner's ministry to get them to where the lord would want them....example if your husband for instance has a ministry in ministering to single men...to stand behind him would be to support his passion....study with him,pray with him and even fasting if it is required.
Yes there is a novel called Fifty Shades of Grey, you should get it
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i agree..fifty shades of grey by E.L. James is the best and accurate example of submissive..
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