She picks up her jacket, which I had shrugged off at the water’s edge. She puts it around my shoulders again, nudging me forward. Our pace is slower this time, both of us keeping watch for signs of police. We take a different route out of the park.
Few people see us on our way from Central Park West to my building. Those who do probably write us off as two drunk girls stumbling home. My dizzy swaying helps sell the charade.
Once home, I fill the tub in the guest bathroom and peel off my clothes. The amount of blood on them is gut-churning. It’s not as bad as the white-dress-turned-red at Pine Cottage, but close.



"To write off" means to ignore something as unimportant. At one time, it referred to small bad debts that were written off a financial account, but generally it means to treat something as not worth bothering about

'Charade' is a party game where people play in imaginary situations. The two women are playing roles in the same way

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could you please more explain about charade?


'Charades' (or charade) is a game played by people at parties. One or more people perform a mime that has an answer to be guessed by the others. It might be the name of a book or film

In the picture, the man is showing that the answer contains 'horns' or ' bull' or something like that

The word can now mean any situation in which people are acting or pretending (like the women in your quote)

- The government's health policy is a charade!