What is the meaning of crossed fingers?
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Usually [url="http://www.ronandjoe.com/friends/hypnoclp/hypno3/Contents/html/3_bus_trans_2_1.html"]to hold up crossed fingers[/url] is used as a body language meaning "Good Luck!" but [url="http://www.fotosearch.com/ART454/200026225-001 /"] to hold crossed fingers behind your back[/url] is used to show your negation against what you are listening to.

Sometimes I cross my fingers when I walk under a ladder, maybe more in the hope that nothing's going to fall on my head than to keep bad luck away!
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Here are two BrE meanings. There may be others:

1. To say 'fingers crossed!' (and sometimes hold up your crossed fingers) means 'I hope this succeeds!'.

2. To keep your fingers crossed secretly when you tell a lie absolves you from any responsibility for that lie. If your lie is discovered, you can claim to have had your fingers crossed at the time. (If you're unable to cross your fingers while telling the lie, you can cross any other part of your body – legs, feet, etc.)


I have never heard of crossed fingers really meaning good luck, but the middle finger represented "Hawwiian Good Luck" (Check out this web page) But as far as crossing of fingers goes, its most popular use is for military use. Soldiers learn that crossing your fingers means coersion or not wanting to do something but being forced. A great example of this is presented in this web page: http://www.snopes.com/photos/military/crossed.asp .

That's interesting and it is clear from the link that this is connected to the crossed finger connection to untruth and lying. the soldier in the example is basically telling us that although he is shaking her hand - a symbol of respect - he doesn't actually feel that way about her! I did something similar when I was coerced into being godmother for one of my neices (I am not a Christian) - I kept my fingers crossed inside my coat pocket all the way through. Silly really, but I felt as though I was being made to say things I didn't believe and I was lying, so I felt better about doing it with my fingers crossed....daft.
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...I kept my fingers crossed inside my coat pocket all the way through...
But if crossed fingers have a Christian origin... Emotion: tongue tied

<cannot resolve circular references>

I need to know th meaning of crossed finers
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