I have found it in this url:


Thanks in advance.
Hello, Chaitatp,
The page is pretty long, could you please give the sentence and context?
Without these, I'd say the "faint of heart" are those who have a faint heart, thus, maybe, who are easily scared? who are not courageous?
First off, thank you very much for your answer. I've found another sentence in that article. It is

``I chose “unstable"… Not for the faint of heart!!! Choose “stable” for your first time…''

Which means he chose unstable version of software to install on his computer and he suggested that for newbies they should install the stable version.

So the meaning of ``the faint of heart'' might be ``who are not courageous'' as you have stated.
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Yes, I guess so...
"Not for the faint of heart" means not for people who, among other things, are

- not courageous enough to see something gory, horrific or violent
- not bold, rugged or determined enough for a tough task
- not very adventurous to discover smthg new and exciting
Thank you hbae787. Your answer clarifies me more.
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'Not for the faint-hearted' means the same thing.

If you've had a shock, or you're frightened or nervous, your 'heart' is 'faint'. Imagine the little fluttery feeling in your chest when you're apprehensive. That's 'faint-heartedness'.

Here, it would be a metaphor; unless you took software very seriously indeed.

An easy way of describing this is saying that you saw ghosts coming out of darkness, so now youre afraid of going in the darkness, and you saw monsters in the closet in a movie, now youre afraid of the closet
It means "not for the squeamish." Basically, if you have a weak stomach, don't read it, watch it, or go there.
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