A few clicks later, I’m on Facebook, that insipid swamp of likes and links and atrocious grammar. Personally, I don’t do social media. No Twitter. No Instagram. I had a personal Facebook page years ago but shut it down after too many pity follows and friend requests from strangers with Final Girl fetishes. Yet one still exists for my website. A necessary evil. Through that, I can easily access Lisa’s own Facebook page


It's hard to say what he or she means by it there, but you can think of it as an obsession with a normally non-sexual thing, that obsession probably having sexual overtones. The Final Girl is the one left alive at the end of a slasher movie.

what is the meaning of slasher movie?

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Hasibul Alam

what is the meaning of slasher movie?

Watch your typing.

A slasher movie is a genre of horror movie in which a group of young people are murdered one-by-one, more often than not with an edged weapon, until only one girl is left, and that girl (Final Girl) kills the murderer or is somehow rescued at the last moment. They were big back in the 70s and 80s in the US. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is the mother of them all, and Halloween perfected the formula.