A few clicks later, I’m on Facebook, that insipid swamp of likes and links and atrocious grammar. Personally, I don’t do social media. No Twitter. No Instagram. I had a personal Facebook page years ago but shut it down after too many pity follows and friend requests from strangers with Final Girl fetishes. Yet one still exists for my website. A necessary evil. Through that, I can easily access Lisa’s own Facebook page. She was, after all, a follower of Quincy’s Sweets



This is a slightly old request but I've found a minute or two to research it

In horror films, sometimes a group of people meet their doom, one by one. But one woman survives to become the hero of the film. She is sometimes called The Final Girl

A fetish is an unusual desire for a particular kind of object or person. It is usually sexual

If a person has such a desire for the woman who survives at the end of the film, they have Final Girl Fetish

To the best of my knowledge, that is the explanation

Hope this may help, Dave

fetish: an excessive or irrational devotion to some activity; an unusual sexual interest in a particular object or material; a fixation

See the previous post for an explanation of the connection of 'fetish' to 'Final Girl'.


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thank you Dave, you are getting brilliant.