That’s a load of shite. Cathal didn’t confess to any murders, because we didn’t commit any murders. I haven’t a clue what happened to those kids and I don’t give a damn. I’ve nothing to say about them. I just want to know who did this to Katy.


The expression "to not give a damn" (normally in the negative) means to not care at all. Numerous words and phrases can be substituted for "damn" to produce the same meaning, such as "monkey's", "toss" (mildly vulgar), "sh*t" (vulgar), "f*ck" (vulgar), "fig", "hoot", "rat's arse" (vulgar), and so on and so forth.

Oxfam (a British charity) had an eye-catching slogan, encouraging people to give up some of their time to work in their shops: "give a shift".

Hasibul Alamshite

This is pronounced like might and kite. It's a variant that would mean the same whether the e is included or not. It's used in the UK and Ireland.