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Can someone pls give the meaning of "tip of the iceberg"


"It's just the tip of the iceberg" means that the problem is much larger than it appears. (Apparently the part of an iceberg that is visible above water is only a small part of the whole thing.)
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Because or the density of ice (like a single ice cube in a glass of water) icebergs float with only a tenth of their mass showing above the water line. (Fresh water icebergs floating in salt sea water would ride a little higher than fresh ice in fresh water.)

The metaphor is popular because of the element of hidden danger. A very small "tip" may present a very large danger to ships whose captains are unaware of its presence.

Often when a scandal is first discovered, only a very small portion of the truth is known. As we begin to learn how huge the scandal may turn out to be, we compare the part which is known to the tip of an iceberg. "Did you hear about X?" (reply) "Yes, but I'm afraid that's only the tip of the iceberg," meaning there's a lot more that will be revealed.

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Edit. As Khoff has said, the metaphor may apply to various problems, like the banking collapse. (Not limited to scandals - although that was certainly one!)
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Why is there a small hole of the barrel of a non retractable point ball pen?
Why is there a small hole of the barrel of a non retractable point ball point pen?

Just a guess:
When the pen is exposed to heat, the air in the chamber will expand, possibly enough to force some of the ink/paste out through the tip. It might ruin the pocket of your white shirt.Emotion: it wasnt me (That is, if you don't have the little vent hole.)
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