I’m too hurt to respond, although I can tell Jeff instantly regrets saying it. His eyes go dead for a second and his mouth twists in distress.
“Quinn, I didn’t mean that.”
“I know.” I slide out of bed, still naked, feeling exposed and vulnerable by that fact. I grab the first article of clothing I can get my hands on—Jeff’s threadbare terry cloth robe—and slip it on. “It’s fine.”
“It’s not fine,” Jeff says. “I’m an ***.”
“Get some sleep,” I tell him. “Tomorrow’s important.”
I pad into the living room, suddenly and irrevocably awake. My phone sits atop the coffee table, still turned off. I switch it on, the screen glowing ice-blue in the darkness. I have twenty-three missed calls, eighteen texts, and more than three dozen emails. Virtually all of them are from reporters

Hasibul AlamI pad into the living room

See entry #2


Hasibul Alamsuddenly and irrevocably awake


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'to pad into' - to walk without making a noise

Max Lakonsky

'to pad into' - to walk without making a noise

The verbs for that meaning are:

"to sneak into"

"to tiptoe into"

"irrevocably awake "means?

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Hasibul Alam

"irrevocably awake "means?

It was impossible for him to sleep.

He suffered from (temporary) insomnia.