He tells me his name—Jonah Thompson. I recognize it. He’s one of the reporters who called, emailed, and texted. The nuisance trifecta. He then tells me the name of the paper he works for. One of the major daily tabloids. Judging by his age, it means he’s either very good at his job or else incredibly unscrupulous. I suspect it’s both.

Hasibul Alamtrifecta

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The writer coined a term, "nuisance trifecta". A trifecta is a mode of betting on horse races. If you correctly pick the first-, second- and third-place horses in a single race, you have won the trifecta. The word also has extended meanings involving three of other things. The writer jokingly refers to the reporter's three annoying acts of calling, emailing and texting as "the nuisance trifecta", as if the reporter won a big prize for being maximally annoying.