For every dollar spent on offshoring by the US in 2002.Meaning of offshoring
offshore means "not on land " water or ocean . the meaning of this line is that us is spending money on the marine sources ( ships, submarines etc.)
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Hey Shaz, two things here.

1. "Offshoring" is not a word.

2. "Offshore" can mean a foreign country, especially when talking about money.

Hope this helps.

PS: deepa, you're right given the literal meaning of offshore.
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my dad goes for offshore drilling (oil rig) in the arabian sea... so i just guessed!!!
offshore drilling means he goes out side the country ti drill oil rig.
out of land ofcourse in the sea.
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I don't know the context of the sentence, not that it is a sentence, but it could refer to offshore (foreign) investments.

There are two common meanings for the word offshore. Literally, offshore means off or away from the shore. The Channel Islands are offshore from England and France; while Vanuatu is offshore from Australia.
eg. A Survey of Offshore Oilfield Drilling Wastes and Disposal Techniques to Reduce the Ecological Impact of Sea Dumping

Offshore is also used to mean "foreign." Swiss banks are offshore relative to Americans; whereas Panamanian banks are offshore relative to Swiss.

the word offshore is defined as...
Definition: [adv] away from shore; away from land; "cruising three miles offshore"
[adj] (of winds) coming from the land; "offshore winds"
[adj] at some distance from the shore; "offshore oil reserves"; "an offshore island"

Synonyms: sea(a)

Antonyms: inshore, onshore, onshore, seaward