Once in a long while, I would find writings say "later on."

What I do have just gotten curious about is:

(Q1) What is the definitional meaning of the word on in, say, the phrase 'Later on'? (What Meaning)

(Q2) And may I also use the word on in the phrase "next year on"? (Yes, No)

(Q3) If so, what is the lexical definition as well of on in this case? (What Meaning) How hard it is for stupid me!

(Q) Is there any expressional alternatives, then you may please blurt it out.

So any slightest bits of your opinions may be appreciated, with reference to not only the word around on but also the expressional bits in my whole writing here.

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year to all those who've happened to come here,

Pearl Seed
See http://dictionary.cambridge.org/define.asp?key=55357&dict=CALD

Here, "on" in "later on" is classified as an adverb, with the general sense of "moving forward".

Most native speakers probably treat "later on" as a unit, and do not consciously think about the individual meaning of "on".

You can't usually substitute "next year on" for "later on". For example, "We'll do it later on" is fine, but "We'll do it next year on" is not natural (not to me, anyway). However, "next year on" is possible in certain constructions, such as when preceded by "from" (e.g. "From next year on, we'll be self-sufficient").
See www.m-w.com.

on, adverb

2 a : forward or at a more advanced point in space or time <went on home> <later on> b : in continuance or succession <rambled on> <and so on>

Specifically for the expression "later on", I would define "on" as "in the course of events".

Later on we went to a movie. = Later in the course of events we went to a movie.

Note also: farther on; further on

First you'll come to an old farm house; farther on, you'll see a gas station. (farther on = as you go farther in your journey)

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Dear Mr. Wordy,

Oh, how nice, Mr. Wordy, thank you.
I’ve read and followed every word of what you kindly wrote before tasting yours.
Yours helped somehow in some ways, and so did even your introduction of a lexical definition link.

Thanks and your next year Be Happy On,
from Pears Seed
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Calif Jim,

How adorable you are!
Whether partly quoted or whatever, your more progressed further lexical definition of ‘on’ helps and is being enjoyed and appreciated by someone.

Happy New Year,
Pearl Seed
pearlseedCalif Jim,

How adorable you are!

Steady on, you'll make him blush!
pearlseedCalif Jim,
How adorable you are!
Yes, we all know it, but you mustn't say it. Emotion: shake

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