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Who can help me on the following text:

Speaker 1. When I was at university, I was¡ªI was horrified by what had happened to a lot of my friends by the time they reached the end of the course. Having spent their university careers being all the things one is at university¡ªclever, artistic, very noisy¡ªat the end of their time they all seemed to take entry exams for the ... the Civil Service, and there were some of them who went ... huh ... went as low as to go into the Tax Office huh. How grey, how grey, I thought. But now huh. well, look at me!

What means "as low as"?
What means "How grey, how grey"?

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Bill Sun
'Low' here is probably best considered with the definition of 'morally reprehensible'-- taking a boring government job after being so 'clever and artistic' as university students.

'Gray' here means 'dull, dismal, uninteresting'.
Thanks for you help