Hi Emotion: smile

Now I am studying about Turkey timer that I've never seen before with english site.

In the story about Turkey timer, I saw a unfamiliar word, roast-toasty.

So, I tried to find in dictonary and Google, but there isn't obvious meaning of that word, except so many sites which includes that word, roasty-toasty girs, chicken, ..etc.

What means of roasty-toasty?

I guess it might mean delicious?:)

Please Answer my Question!

You will have to imagine the meaning from context. It is a made-up word - and sounds nice and descriptive. Who knows - it might enter the lexicon if it catches on!
And I wonder whether "roasty toasty" is formal word or not.
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Thanks for your answer Emotion: smile

I hope it will be entered in lexicon soon!

Where I'm from it means being warm and comfortable - like when you are tucked up in bed on a chilly night. Roasty toasty!

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vluej And I wonder whether "roasty toasty" is formal word or not.

It is not in the OED, and I did not think it would be. That sort of childish reduplication is a feature of English, and you can do it with practically any word, especially with a "w"—an obese child might hear "fatty-watty" on the playground. The Brits say "easy-peasy" a lot, and that is in the OED labelled "childish". "Artsy-fartsy", too. Let's not forget "lovey-dovey".

Will you hug me til I'm all roasty and toasty inside??? Ok now leemm know the meaning ........