I am new to USA and i keep hearing the following phrase from my colleagues - "Are you having fun yet?". I am not sure as to what exactly is meant by the question. So i just answer the question with "yes". On hearing "yes" as the answer they seemed to be surprised. Could someone please let me know what exactly is meant by the question "Are you having fun yet?" Does it mean that they are asking me if i am happy with my current work? Please let me know.

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The only time I saw that question before was in a Zippy the Pinhead comic. In the comic it was actually "Are WE having fun yet?" I didn't understand it's meaning then, and I still don't. Is it possible they are all Zippy fans?
Maybe someone else can clarify it's meaning.
I believe that the expression is intended to be clever and ironic.

I never use this phrase because it points to the lack of fun
rather than creating some fun out of the situation.


It makes FUN OF the lack of fun.

It is a "the cup is half empty" type of remark.

I have heard "Are we having fun yet?"
used in sarcastic ways by people who were meaning
to suggest that the promised fun was not forthcoming.


"Are you having fun yet?' would be used to suggest
that it does not look like you are having any fun.


Low Grade Irony.

Does this make any sense?

Maybe people might ask you, "Are you having fun yet?",
if you are the type of person who does not smile often?

Many USA types find it uncomfortable and awkward to be around someone
who is not always smiling and behaving as if everything is happy and good.

Trust me on this. I have had a lot of experience with this one
because I do not walk around smiling like an idiot all the time either.
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Thank you very much for the information, trellis.

Are you having fun yet? is just used with fun? or could it used with another word?. Could you provide us with an example, please?
Are we having fun yet? or Are you having fun yet? are both common sarcastic phrases.

This is not anything that a smart person needs to learn about.
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Usually this is a sarcastic statement made either to highlight work that is boring or not fun, or to tease a person who is very stoic. The best reply is to smile and say "If I was having any more fun, I'd have to hire someone to help me with it"
I've heard that on Party Down.
One of the characters in the show is a former actor whose career highlight was a popular tv commercial in which he had "Are we having fun yet?" as punch line. Now there is always people coming up to him and saying: "Are you him? You are, aren't you? Come on, say it. Say it!"

the person asking "are you having fun" is an ***...............just ignore the person
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