Hey guys!

I like traveling beacuse i can see many beautiful things.I think it's good for us .When your are tied of working or studying,why not go for a holiday? It's really can relax yourself and these people who care you.

And now can you tell me what 's the most beautiful thing in your opinion? Or what 's the stantard of a beauty girl ,a handsome man ?
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Hello Damiya,

They asked a frog, what is the most beautiful thing in the world, and he said it is my baby Emotion: big smile...Thus I guess a child to a mom is the most beautiful thing on earth .[F]

Cheers Emotion: star
My computer, it needs no food, no particular cares and of course i can do almost everything with it!

I do love traveling too.
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Right now the most beautiful thing is my flute...silver and brightly, sweet and precise sound..I love it!
being sincere with people
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hmm.maybe learning (though the process can be painful)

That baby is sooo cute... What a lovely smile..Emotion: smile A relative of yours?
Family members gather together and enjoy the time.[<:o)]
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