i am the new learner in English. i want to get more suggestion in it.so that i can make more progress.
please,whoever.can give me the advice to study English grammar.
when i am writting some artics, i found it is hard for me to put down the worlds without the grammar. and when i am talking with my partner i am thinking the grammar, at the time translate into chinese and then turn back into English.
the problem is who can help me learn more grammar, and make me using it without thinking.
i will put him,who help me solve this problem, in my heart for ever.

writtn name:jone smith
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Hi Jone Smith a.k.a. Zhen Yang Sheng,

Welcome to English Forums. You are at a difficult but inevitable stage in language acquisition, and there is no way out except through.

Time, practice, experience.

Meanwhile, feel free to follow our grammar discussions here, ask any questions you have, and join in the other forums here too.
thank you,Mister Micawber .
i think i know what i should do now.
may i learn have you sussed in English grammar? and how long have you spent in it?

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Forty years and still sussing, Jonesmith.
wa... how great you are!
and you must pass the Publc English System test eight level.and can you give more suggestion in how to put the grammar into daily life.
now i till have some more problem in speaking too.still because of the grammar.
i don't know how to pratice.and i have try a geat deal of time to pratice it.but it is useless

'and i have try a geat deal of time to pratice it.'

And how have you practiced it until now, Jonesmith? What was your methodology?
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i try my best to remenber the grammar. i review the book until i make sure that i have got i t in my mind. then i "throw" the book away. that is it.Because of a lot of signments,i have to safe a prenty of time to do the others.


'I review the book until I make sure that I have got it in my mind. then I "throw" the book away.'

That is as good a basic method as any, Jonesmith. Now-- how much or how often do you talk to another person in English?

(PS: Please capitalize your 'I' when you write it. Thank you in advance.)
Zhen Yang Sheng, IMHO choosing what is most difficult in English grammar is a very personal thing. There can be no universal answer here. But you can find it out for yourself: some of the English grammar tests available on the Internet provide an enhanced feedback listing the strong and weak points of one’s knowledge of English grammar. For example, you pass a grammar test and then you receive a message telling you that you should pay more attention to the use of English articles, or prepositions, or whatever it might be. After studying the specified topics, one can pass the same test repeatedly to see whether there is any progress.
Surely, it is not the only way to go.
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