What motivates me to learn English?
A future that sees me communicating with anybody in English just like any native English speaker does. I dream of picking up any book and read it without even a hint of difficulty. The idea that there is no such thing as a language barrier is just so inspiring.

Hello, I like languages in general and I dream to speak like a native one, among languages that I like there is English for I like its pronounciation and the fact that it is spoken by a lot of countries ; and as I like to discover different cultures, I think learning a language certainly would help me to understand them.

When you can speak many different languages you feel free and at ease wherever you are and it improves your confidence.

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I can't agree more about having a deeper understanding of other cultures if you know their native languages. Emotion: smile

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Amanar, it's so nice to see you here! Emotion: smile

As for me, I have always liked languages and always thought that the more languages you know, the better so, I don't really need a motivation to learn it. I just love it![F]
My main motivation is that I like this feeling that comes when you speak a language different from your native one! I like talking to people abroad, to know them, and to find out something new about living in other countries. So... I just like it! Emotion: wink
Hi Peaceblinkfriend ,how are you doing???

As for me, learning English is an obsession, therefore, I don't need any motive to push me towards this language..

In the first place, English has become a lingua franca around the globe.

It is, needless to say, that everybody living in the 21 century should master the main skills of English: writing, reading, listening and speaking.

Otherwise, they would be considered illiterate according to this era's standards..

And since you surf the net, you can easily figure out the potential importance of having the ability of to understand and to be understood without paying much effort..

Suffice to say, the ecstasy we feel after reading a book in English or even an article is invaluable…

So, it goes without saying that learning English is crucial and inevitable to be an active person either in your work, or even in your daily life..

As I mentioned, I am not looking for things that give me more reasons to enjoy studying English because it is simply in the blood running through my veins..

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Peaceblinkfriend What motivates me to learn English?
So few foreigners speak Finnish!Emotion: smile
It's been said that a person should listen to the inner voice of him/her, so they can draw an obvious line of thier lives to follow .
Fortunately, i have always liked English as a second language, and that was completely obvious through being attracted to english novels, books and even music.
Needless to say, that English , in a way, is not an option anymore, people all over the world are learning english since it has become the main international language, and that's actually pretty much interesting, becuase you have in mind that you are learning a language that will be the key to a successful communication with anybody all over the world.
I feel that English itself is an inspiration for me, and i wish i could be an english teacher someday, in some place in the world.

There are three thins which motivated me to learn English: Digimon, One Piece, and Yu-Gi-Oh!.

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