My name is Stacey Lichtwald. I am 28 years old. I have 2 children, both girls, ages 3 and 5. My children’s names are Josslyn and Ava. I’m renting a house in Oshkosh with my fiancée, which is on South Park Avenue. We just got a new puppy, his name is Boston and he is 3 months old. He is a Morkie, which are a Yorkie and a Maltese mix. I love spending time with my family. My parents raised me to make sure that family is most important in my life, so the more that I can be with them is the best. I think that summer is the best season to get together with the family. There is so much to do outside when it’s sunny and warm out. I really love going to the pool with my children, they have so much fun there. The park is also right down the road from where we live, so we spend many summer days there as well.
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The world has evolved to online shopping from traditional shopping. People are buying stuff online from different countries and then these products are shipped to their countries. There are a lot of shipping companies that perform this shipping for the people. Today in this scenario we are going to develop software for one such shipping company called ex-shipping. This company is managing all its operations manually, now they want to automate their business. The customer comes to exshipping and registers themselves with them. They are assigned a unique id. When customers sitting in Pakistan shops online from Amazon, during checkout they put the address of ex-shipping and also put their unique ex-shipping id. This unique id helps in the identification of a customer’s order. After shopping online customers place a pre alert on the ex-shipping portal that he/she has shopped online and the product id is also mentioned in it. Pre-alert is basically the notification from customer to exshipping that new product is coming to shipping. Amazon ship the order to the ex-shipping office. Exshipping employees enter the product detail into the system. When an ex-shipping employee enters the productId to the system, the system will then find the pre-alerts set by customers against that product id. If the pre-alert is found against the order then the order will be automatically associated with that customer. On the other hand, if pre-alert is not found then the employee will add the product against the customer profile using the unique id of customer mentioned on the order. Freight companies do not ship the products/orders one by one; they ship them in the form of the shipment from one country to another country. One shipment contains many products or packets. Shipment details are added to the system by admin. The maximum capacity of one shipment is 1000kg. Ex-shipping employee after adding the product to the system will then add this order to the next upcoming shipment to that specific country. If the shipment maximum capacity is full then it will be added in the queue of next upcoming shipment. Customers are also notified that your order has received and will be delivered in the next shipment or it is queued for the shipment. Customers are then asked to enter or choose the delivery address and mode of delivery. Mode of the delivery means that whether a customer wants to collect the product from the ex-shipping counter in Pakistan or customer needs home delivery. In case of home delivery, customers will be charged an extra 500 rupees. The delivery charges mechanism of ex-shipping is based on the weight of the products. The simple formula is weight * delivery charges per kg. Delivery charges per kg are set by the admin of the system.