Life is composed with not only the happiness and fun,but also the sadness and depression. When u feel not well, what do u often do to make yourself go through it, or change into better mood? I prefer to go far away from where I am by walking on and on or by bus,or climbing the mountain, to see the beautiful scenery and to feel the wind blowing all the unhappiness from my body.After that I think everything will be good. what about u ,gals and guys?
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hey jade Emotion: smile

get out & get some exercise, that's what i do. i go running & i go kick boxing. sure beats sitting on your ass all day cryin bout nothin.

you take care

mira x
hi,Mirabelle.Emotion: smile

It sound kicking and beating is a very good idea.Much better than crying all day.But first maybe we'd better prepare a special things ,such as pillow or box, to prevent other things in our house from being damaged.Emotion: big smile just a joke!

thank u for ur reply.
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If i'm upset I usually talk with a friend, not necessarily on the subject I'm upset about.

If i'm terribly in a bad mood, I just tuck myself in bed and go to sleep.
I agree with Mirabelle. A good workout seems to do the trick. Always puts me in a better mood and makes me feel energetic.
I go to bed and sleep it off Emotion: smile
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I watch a movie.
To Savvy and Pieanne

yes,I agree with u.Sleep is a very good idea.Especially nowhere to go.After sleep,the air seems to become fresh,and the people seem to be more lovely,and I become more energetic.Emotion: smile

nice to meet u two and thank for ur sharing.
To Henrietta

it seems that u r a very dynamic girl.yeah,when I found something entangled and can't forget it, the excercises are very useful.A lot of excercises can make me too exhausted to think of anything.Emotion: stick out tongue

nice to see u and thank u for ur sharingEmotion: smile
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