If a product has some 'benefits', it follows that is will have some drawbacks (possibly). I need to find a word that is not seen as a negative such as 'drawbacks' but it must not have a particularly negative meaning.

Currently the document that I have to rewrite has 'benefits' and 'disbenefits' as a title and this to me is not very good English.

Any help would be appreciated.

Benefits and Risks is a very common combination.

Pros and Cons 
Advantages and Disadvantages
Suitable and Unsuitable Uses
Benefits and Cautions
Benefits and Caveats
Benefits and Limitations
Advantages and Limitations
Conveniences and Inconveniences

Not knowing the full content of the article you are attempting to title, it's hard to say which direction you might go in. Perhaps the form "plus and minus" can be changed to something totally different?

In any case, you're right; you absolutely must get rid of "disbenefits"! Emotion: smile

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Benefit <--> Detriment (American English)

Hope that helps.



"Detriment" is the most formal opposite of "benefit."

"Drawback" also works.

So does "con" as in "pros and cons."

Several people have suggested 'detriment'. In British English this is not the antonym of 'benefit' except in such expressions as 'to the benefit of'.
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It depends on where you are using that word. Are you using it in a business context, everyday "street-folks" context, or what?

In the former case, one probably use "cost" as the opposite of the word 'benefit.' I think everyone knows that a word in English can have many different meanings depending on the context and circumstances being used.

Since 'benefit' comes from the Latin 'bene,' or good, I suppose that the opposite would be somethign like 'malefit,' from the Latin 'male', bad. I don't think that this is a 'kosher' English word, found in dictionaries, but it makes sense, and we certainly need such a word.
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aah.. euphemisms.

A euphemism is a word that reduces precision of thought, so you are running the risk of your document being seen as imprecise.

"Benefits and their absence"
"Benefits and hang-ups"
"Benefits and stumbling blocks"
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harm, detriment. MountainHiker is right.
Thanks all
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Hi dear,

The opposite word of BENEFIT is DETRIMENT.

Thank you,

Paul K Prasanth.
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