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Dear Lemoncookie
My Name is Avatars and here is

Chemical equation for u r nice name

I really Love = Lemon[D]
I really love = Cookies[pl]
. ' . What i really like =
(I really Love)Square

There for (UR Name)
What i really like= LemonCokies

Ha HA ha
I also like lemoncookies Emotion: wink

To Nyla: Where do you look up the meaning of one's name??? Do you look it up int the internet? If so, can you give me the website-address of that site??? I am always interested in the meaning of names...Emotion: stick out tongue
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I searched into the net,with google,if you digit name/origin (Solveig origin),there are a lot of sites that talk about names' origin!By the way,I found an interesting site about names: http://www.babynameaddicts.com/html/names/female/female_s.html ,this one says that your name means:"strong home",not so far of the first meaning that I found!Enjoy it! Emotion: big smile
My first name is Marco and I don't know about its origin!!!
Marco: sacred to Mars,it also means: male,and warlike!It has latin origins. [Y]

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My Name means to me that I am foreign to every body .... No Body like to talk with me Emotion: smile Sure I am kidding
Just to be clear I'm not a member,a sponsor,or the founder of the New York Library Association!! Emotion: stick out tongue

Outland/Mohammed..it's not true,we like to talk to everybody,because we're soooo nice!! Emotion: wink
Hi all.....

...my name is Sarah,and it comes from hebrew..and it means Princess..isn't it a nice meaning???

..thanks to my mum!... Emotion: wink
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Oh..a very nice meaning Sarah! I guess you can use your name as nickname and register yourself here with us Emotion: wink
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