Today,for the first time in 19 years,I read about the origin and meaning of my strange name (Nyla is a strange name for me,as italian)!It has sanscrit,indian,and egyptian,origins.Its meanings are: "Blue",and even "from the Nile",and in some countries is used for both girls and boys! Emotion: star

I think that it would be really nice if you tell us the origin and meaning of your name/nickname! [Y]

Best regards Emotion: wink
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So Nyla is your real name?!? It's cool! I thought it was just a're right it's strange for an italian! By the way my nickname is my name too...a tipical common italian name Emotion: wink
Tipical but beautiful,it has german origin and it means "Free"..and it's a bit cooler than "Blue".. Emotion: big smile
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I love very much Commandante Ernesto Che Guavera so my nick name is El-Che. I think all of you know who is Che. He is a big revolutionist from Argentina. But most of people suppose that he is from Cuba, because of his key role of the Cuba Revolution.

Well, meanwhile I am from Turkey. Emotion: smile
My first name is Olga, which is an Old Slavic version of the Old Norse name Helga which means "holy"... It is also the name of Ukraine's first female ruler who was later made a Saint by the Orthodox church.

My nickname is Ukrainian_Hobbit because I'm Ukrainian... and Ukrainians are somewhat like hobbits. In a way.
Do you have strange ears?? Emotion: big smile ..hehe.. I'm kidding!

If every Ukrainian is like Shevchenko,I think I'll visit soon your country! Emotion: wink

By the way,your name is really cool! [Y]
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and this is my turn.

my nickname is the name of Ottoman Empire soldiers.However, actually it has nothing to do with it Emotion: smile. After playing Age of Empires (I hope you know it) several years,i become addicted to it.janissaries were my favourite soldiers in the game and I started to use it as a nick name. thats all. Emotion: stick out tongue
My real name is Solveig and it is from Scandinavia... but I have really no idea what it mean.....Emotion: sad
And my nickname.... I have a cute box which contented lemoncookies on my desk... yeah, and when I was searching for a nickname I saw this box... that's allEmotion: stick out tongue
Emotion: whisper Jannissary,no I don't know that game..Emotion: embarrassed..but I found something about your nick: derived from Yeni çeri,literally,the "new corps";a member of a very effective Turkish infantry corps,armed with fire-arms.Its members were originally drawn from the devsirme (the child) levy.

To Lemoncookie,Solveig has Norwegian origins,and it means: house of sounds really important! [H]
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