My guide says 'well' can function only as an adverb. Can anyone tell what part of speech is 'well' in the following sentences.

1) Well, that's how things happen.

2) Get well soon. (Is 'well' a noun here or an adjective?)

3) All's well that ends well.

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"Well" may be different parts of speech. See [url=http://www.answers.com/well?cat=technology ]well[/url].
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I am pretty sure that in 2 and 3 well is definetly functioning as an adverb, however in one it seems to be functioning as an interjection, IMO.
adverb - Business is going well.
adjective - He is not a well man.
interjection - Well! There's no need to shout.
noun - to wish well to someone./
noun - watersource
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Sentence 1. well is an interjection.
Sentences 2 and 3 - well is being used as an adjective.
1. interjection
2. adjective
3. the first well is an adjective modifying the noun all, the second well is an adverb modifying the verb ends
1. an interjection
2. adverb modifying get (slang for be/become)
3 adverb modifying is ( all is well) if it were a noun you would be saying everything is a well (where you get water)
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2 and 3 are adverbs modifying is
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