What is the plural form of the word SORRY?

There is no plural form.

The word is an adjective (a sorry sight, we are sorry)

and an interjection (Oh, sorry!)

Perhaps you are thinking of the noun (sorrow, sorrows).

Best wishes, Clive
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I think it's sorry's.
anonymous I think it's sorry's.

No, it isn't! There's no possible reason for using an apostrophe.

You could write - informally - 'Hector said 'sorry' to me; Hortense said 'sorry' to me; Gaylord, Montmorency and Blodwen all said 'sorry' to me. I've heard enough 'sorries' to last me a lifetime!'

Sorry can be a noun. "You can stuff your sorries in a daze, mista!" - George Costanza

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There has to be be... I’m writing a friend a note... she did not want an apology. I said I am sorry for abc. Later I said I am sorry for xyz. Then , I said whoops there are two “sorrys already. I can’t find a spelling is it that? Is it sorries... our language is not so simple as to say never!

Yes—it's sorries.

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Rover_KEYes—it's sorries.
CliveThere is no plural form.

As Clive said the use of 'sorries' may not be standard or correct? Should it not be 'apologies' instead?

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I respectfully disagree with Clive.

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