What is it that make a poem a masterpiece?
Is it the combination of style, rhythm and symbology?
How would you define a masterpiece?
Also, if possible please give examples.
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A masterpiece in my opinion is a combination of all the mentioned above, but it also implies the sence. But without the proper structure it won't sound good.
As an example I'd like to quote a piece by Rudyard Kipling from If

(sorry if I've changesd something - I write if by memory)

If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With 60 seconds worth of distance run.
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it
And what is more - You'll be a Man, my son.
No one knows.
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There's a book called 'Ways of reading'. There is a unit called 'Judgement and value. It discusses why some texts gain the status of 'classic' and how they come to comprise the canon of literature. It's actually quite interesting, although, it doesn't give any correct or right answers as there actually are none, just like Forbes said.
I think there is no particular formula for this.
When a large number of people appriciate it for any reason or for no reason that becomes a masterpiece .Emotion: stick out tongue
But in order to be appreciated it should touch the people's souls. And no word can touch a person's heart unless it has a deep meaning.
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Poem? It has been discussed what poem is, how it is written and why and for whom it is written for centuries, and a common answer remains to be seen. Poem is just like philosophy; I mean it is relative. You like poems that are written in free style, but I like those with rhyme. In my opininon poem should not be understood easily just like Edgar Allen Poe points out

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But if a poem is not easily understood that may spoil the pleasure of its perception.
Perhaps each may understand it differently. But if it's hard to understand it can't be a masterpiece.
Perhaps the most significant thing that determines the taste of poetry is the difference of culture. For example, I don't find so much taste in any of English or American poems. What you call a poem must, in my opinion, express different things to different people. You may not be able to find anything in a poem that I call a masterpiece

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