Covid-19 is an unprecedented global issue that everyone has to confront and deal with. However, it has also created opportunities and problems for students during the pandemic.

As we can see, Covid-19 has undergone our way to interaction as well as studying. Most of them are enrolling in online correspondence courses in lieu of going to conventional classes. Be affected to a greater or less degree, teachers and supervisors are not able to get all students' attention as well as being less interactive with them. What is mentioning is that heavy exposure to the internet might lead to the deterioration in health for students. On the other hand, the application of technology in online studying requires them to be technically skilled so it is a difficult problem for primary students to do it. Moreover, the internet connection is not always stable, and some students from rural areas are incapable of approaching it.

But frankly speaking, actually it utterly provides opportunities that we can take advantage of. By accessing different reliable sources on the internet, it benefits students to develop self-study skills. Especially, it helps narrow the gap between people who are geographically distant from each other by giving them communication tools.

In conclusion, it has affected students in a pros and cons way. Not only does it contain numerous problems but also give them opportunities to assert themselves.


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