i need answer to a simple question

what's would be the question to the answer

1) he's the fourth president.

or 2) this was my fourth movie.

reply soon plz.
1) Who is he?
Which president is he?
He is the fourth what?
Who is the fourth president? (Which person is the fourth president?)

2) Which was your fourth movie?
Was this your third, fourth or fifth movie?
Who's fourth movie was this?
This was your fourth what?

Other questions may be possible!
Ah, I knew there had to be other questions!
OK, thanks for clarifying.
Which position does he hold in the order of presidents?
Which, from a numeric list of his movies, is this?
Again, I'm sure other questions are possible, and I hope this helps you a little (at least).
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Great questionsEmotion: smile

I tried to make some but drew a blank Emotion: stick out tongue.
Thanks WHL, I often do this kind of exercise with my students, so I have had hours and hours of practice!
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hi all

thanx for the replies

but i'm not sure if they were the right answers
what i asked was the question to "he's the fourth president"
where it was sressing on the "fourth".

so the question is supposed to ask about his position in the list of presidents.

making it clear, yu know he's president but yu don't know where he stands
in the list of presidents. In that case i don't think yur answers were correct.

in the same way, yu're watching a movie of yur favourite director and yu
want to know where it comes in the list of his entire movies.

so to get an answer "its his fourth movie", where it stresses on "fourth"
what simple question should you be asking?
yu can't do it with "is his fourth movie?" when yu don't know if its his fourth or fifth!!

so i'm looking for the questions which points at getting the positions.

i'll repeat the questions.

"he's the fourth president" or "it's his fourth movie?'
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Which, in numeric order, of the presidents is he?
Which, in numeric order, of his movies is this?
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1)Who is that guy in the picture album?

2)This was my fourth movie.
How many movies did you make ?