I have seen people write or say this sometimes but I am not sure exactly what they mean ot how to use them.Can someone give some examples?

If you look for "per se" (the correct spelling) in these forums, you'll find a lot of information on that one.

"Per your request" just means "As you requested."

Per your request, I have reserved a room for you the nights of May 23 and 24."
Also, does per itself mean: each or each of?

what about perhaps, performance, percent, perfect... Do they have something in common?
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The words that you quoted above have nothing more in common than the first three letters, p-e-r. Emotion: smile This collection of three letters 'p-e-r' does not have a particular meaning to connect the various words that you wanted to know about, like perhaps, performance, and perfect.

However, the word 'percent' is really a combinatin of at least two parts, 'per' and 'cent'. Per means each, and cent refers to one-hundredth-part. (Also however remember that 'per' can have other meanings too, in other situations). So percent means per-hundredth-part. You might recall that each dollar is made of 100 cents. This can also be said such, that each dollar is made of 100 hundredth parts. 5 percent, therefore means, 5 of one hundredth parts, or, more simply 5 one hundredth parts. In words that are similarly made of two parts, and the first part is 'per', the first part is called 'prefix'. The prefix gives a particular meaning to the words that use them. Other words with prefix 'per' are, per-annum, per-capita, etc. Please remember however, like I wrote before, that all words starting with 'per' do not always use it as a prefix.

I hope it was helpful.

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