what is per say or per your request?

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I have seen people write or say this sometimes but I am not sure exactly what they mean ot how to use them.Can someone give some examples?

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If you look for "per se" (the correct spelling) in these forums, you'll find a lot of information on that one.

"Per your request" just means "As you requested."

Per your request, I have reserved a room for you the nights of May 23 and 24."
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Is persay the same? I google this word and people do use "persay"!
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You are right. the correct way is perse or per se. thanks
Also, does per itself mean: each or each of?

what about perhaps, performance, percent, perfect... Do they have something in common?
The words that you quoted above have nothing more in common than the first three letters, p-e-r. Emotion: smile This collection of three letters 'p-e-r' does not have a particular meaning to connect the various words that you wanted to know about, like perhaps, performance, and perfect.

However, the word 'percent' is really a combinatin of at least two parts, 'per' and 'cent'. Per means each, and cent refers to one-hundredth-part. (Also however remember that 'per' can have other meanings too, in other situations). So percent means per-hundredth-part. You might recall that each dollar is made of 100 cents. This can also be said such, that each dollar is made of 100 hundredth parts. 5 percent, therefore means, 5 of one hundredth parts, or, more simply 5 one hundredth parts. In words that are similarly made of two parts, and the first part is 'per', the first part is called 'prefix'. The prefix gives a particular meaning to the words that use them. Other words with prefix 'per' are, per-annum, per-capita, etc. Please remember however, like I wrote before, that all words starting with 'per' do not always use it as a prefix.

I hope it was helpful.

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These are Latin words - check out the Latin definitions and it will be self-explanatory.
AnonymousThis collection of three letters 'p-e-r' does not have a particular meaning to connect the various words that you wanted to know about, like perhaps, performance, and perfect.

"Perhaps" for one uses the type of "per" meaning "by" or "through" (as in "per your request") which can be traced to Middle English. It is another version of "perchance" and takes its meaning of "maybe" (it may be) from the sense that "haps" or "happenings" (things that occur by chance) might provide the proposed result. In other words, that p-e-r is there is no mere happenstance!

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