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A writer's job is simply this-to inspire others to read.

With so much television, and computers, and countless other distractions, people are reading less and less. The less people read, the less people will read our work, and for obvious reasons this is bad for us writers.

Also, I feel like I should point out that a writer should open the imagination of the reader. While it is not the writer's job to make the reader a better person, it is the writer's job to make the reader a better thinker. The writer, if s/he is writing correctly, will offer alternate perspectives on issues, realistic or unrealistic, that will cause the reader to think in ways that they have never thought before. The reader does not have to like these perspectives, but the reader, if the writer does his/her job will make the reader engrossed in them nonetheless.

Writing is a beautiful thing, but no one will realize this unless people read. That is the job of a writer, to provoke interest in readers, to inspire imagination inside their minds, and to be able to pass on our talents to future generations to come.

I find all of these responses interesting, and every response has some merit to them. But I believe that the responsibility of a writer is to inspire. They can write the most menial thing, but it can still inspire someone, as long as it does, the writer has done what they came to do.

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The writer is responsible for what they present to the reader. They are also responsible for the way the reader thinks, feels, and conduces him/her self.

I think it depends on what the writer is writing and why they were writing in the first place. If the writer is writing for themselves or to express themselves then I personally think that they have no responsibility to society. But if they were writing stories of a certain genre then I think the only responsibility that the writer has is writing a story that best fits that genre and to give their fans (if they have any) the books or things that they want.

I feel that a writer, no matter which genre they write in, don't have extra responsibility. I feel that a writer that publishes their work realizes that their word, just like any words, have influence and any words with influence shouldn't be used for bad. As a writer you are responsible for the influence you have and how you use it.

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Personally I don't think people should NEED to go to college in order to go into that type of area of work, I believe if they have the talent to do it, then they should go for it. But the way they will portray their work will reflect on how well they would be doing. They wouldn't technically be lying but then again they could for the rates and things of that sort. They, as others before have said, give imagination and other types of informative and in a way giving hope the people around but also showing from their perspective how they see the world and using their field of writing to show their opinion and in a way open our own eyes.

I don't really think that writers should have a responsibility because many write as an outlet so that they can speak their minds, and shouldn't change their feelings and opinions about things because it's not politically correct or the status quo.

The responsibilities of all writers are to cause the reader to want to read more and although that is the responsibility of all writers. depending on what the author is writing there are added responsibilities that come with that for example if the author is writing a fictional book the purpose is to entertain the reader and if they are writing a news article the responsibility of that writer is to inform the reader.

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A writer doesn't have to talk about the world's issues and the people on it. A writer can write a book on dragons fighting chalkboards and it could have no means except for dragons fight chalkboards.

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