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The responsibility of a writer should be to entertain or teach the reader.

prabeersikdarThe first and foremost requirement for a writer is not to present biased views. He should state facts as it were.

I agree with this for nonfiction writers, but what if a writer is writing fiction? There are no facts for them to state.

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I think writers have the responsibility of grabbing the readers attention or at least allowing the reader to comprehend/understand with his/her's writing.

Agree, it's all about what the reader takes from the writer's words and imaginary. A writer can't gear everything towards one specific crowd but he/she can produce content and information and whatever you get from it you take it and run with it.

Writers are like social media but better. A writer has the power of influence to change opinions, get out information, or raise awareness for something. Between old muckrakers and journalists and writers today they have had big contributions to society or ideas. Thomas Locke wrote Common Sense, Elie Wiesel wrote Night, Michele Obama wrote Becoming, W.E.B. Du Bois wrote The Souls of Balck Folk, and all of these amazing innovators have all had many people read their work and be amazed or introduced to something new. Expression is everything so when someone can utilize that right by using literature holds a special place in my heart, not saying that it's easy but it's so POWERFUL. It's absolutely amazing to experience the chills as you read a powerful book, it's unmatched! I would love to be a writer someday...

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Did you mean conducts, not conduces, him/her self?

You said " a writer", generally speaking, I think the biggest responsibility for a writer is to be fair-minded in his dealing with whatever issue that he's going to write about.