When I read this topic the some questions appear in my mind. I've heard many unpleasant remarks about my country and the Russian. I'm really interested in it.

Are there Russian people on this Forum? What other people think about the Russian?
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Don't really know anything about them. Why don't you tell us what you think?
I like your question ))
So, many foreign people don't respect the Russian. But I think it's impossivle to judge the whole nation according to behaviour of some people. In my opinion there are bad men and good men everywhere and it doesn't depend on the nation. I had bitter experience meeting a foreing person. He cheated on me. But it's not the point to think bad about all people who are from his country.
That's what I think.
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Good and bad everywhere as you say. Met some highly intellegent and charming people in Moscow. Students at our school have been well liked. Which part of Russia Amelie?
I'm from Siberia. it takes 4 hours by plane to get to Moscow ))
To be honest, I do not like Russians.
I have met some russian people and most of them were kind of mean. They care only about themselves and judge others before they know them. Oh, and they prise their language as it is the most glorious and most important language in the world. They all about "me, me"...

Other then that, they are nice and friendly:)

By the way, I still keep in touch with few of them.
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Well, I met some Russian people living in Argentina and they were charming. Really nice people.
Generally speaking, I have a better mental image of Russians than Americans. I know you may think that's because my political beliefs but you would be wrong... in fact, I don't care which is (or was) their government system.
When I consider their history, which I know very little since I usually watch documentaries on TV, I think the Russians are people that actually suffered a lot through history. However I wish them a bright future.
I think its stupid to judge an entire nation if you consider a few people which became notorious because their evil nature. Every nation has dark periods, and people who have ashamed them. I won't give names from other countries than mine because I don't want to start a political debate here. In the particular case of Argentina (my country), probably Videla and Galtieri have been two of the worst "human beings" that become infamous around the world. But that doesn't mean all the argentinians are evil and mean.

Well previously I dint even care that Russia exists but now as I am working on a project on it, I have come to know that Russia is a unique country with its awesome architecture, culture, people and has a great scope of tourism. People should try to explore Russia more and choose it for a good travel as it has better things to offer than other countries which are usually travelled by people. If anybody wants to reply me, please do so on my e mail id Email Removed">Email Removed
I guess there is a universal characters of nations in the world. Well it is conditional but interesting and funny.

So how i see Russian ppl is a bottle of VODKA at hand all the time. Emotion: smile

They are smart mostly. I suppose as a national heritage they are not "virgin", because throughout history was occupied by and then himself occupied other nations and a lot cross-bloods, cultural interchanges and exchanges had happened.
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