I know this is a commonly asked question. I searched a lot on the net and there are n number of suggestions (from Jazz chants to singing songs); but I don't which one is really effective.

Has anyone actually used a method and acquired the music of English?


I've done a lot of teaching of English rhythm, and different approaches seem to work with different students. The main thing, however, is to LISTEN carefully to the rhythm of English. One thing you can do to start is try some basic English dictations . Dictations usually help students identify the unstressed syllables that native English speakers catch but many English learners do not catch.

A second thing you can try is to simply imitate language that you hear. Try to use "Shadow Practice" to increase your fluency . With "shadow practice", you silently move your mouth as though you are speaking. This takes some time to get used to, but students who succeed at this end up speaking with quite natural English pronunciation.

In my experience as a language learner (of French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese), one of the best ways (and most interesting ways!) is to learn from songs. You can sing along or just follow in your head, but songs that you like will be heard many times, until the language actually become a part of you!

Good luck and let us know how you do in the future.

Thank you. I will try to work on those methods and update you on the results.