This is a more advanced grammar question. Please tell me what the technical meaning is:

It is claimed that this radio advertising was for the benefit of Miss Jean Tennyson, one of the singers on the program, who in private life is Mrs. Camille Dreyfus, the wife of the president of the company and one of its directors.

I am interested in the last part of the sentence. Grammatically, does this sentence mean that Dreyfus is both the wife and a director? The intended meaning is that the president is also one of the directors, but I am interested as to whether the sentence actually means this.


Well, I read it to mean that Jean is 1 Mrs. Dreyfus, 2 the president's wife 3 a director. In other words, I see this as a list of 3 things.

I can see how the other interpretation might be possible, but it would seem to me like a very awkward way to write the sentence if such were the intended meaning.

Best wishes, Clive

No, Mrs. Dreyfus was both Mr. Dreyfus' wife, and a director of the company.