I'm just wondering what software this forum uses? I like it a lot and have not seen this type of forum before!


Hi, apple fold. Welcome to EF.

I'm not involved with the software side of things, so my knowledge is limited, I'm afraid. The appearance of the site is a custom setup which was developed in-house and introduced in 2017, with a couple of minor tweaks having been made since then. I don't know the details of the underlying software, but it has been in use here since at least 2008, and possibly since 2003, with extensive tweaks along the way. A replacement is in the works, though it will probably be several months before it will be ready.

Hi there,

Thanks for the reply. I am a web developer myself, and really like the way the site is designed and developed, but I can't seem to work out the software used. I'm guessing it must be based on some sort of foundation software and the design built on that.

Thanks again for the reply