My first choice is 'who let the dogs out'
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who, who, who?
I always laugh when I hear "I'm too sexy"
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How about Cheech 'n Chong's 'Goin' down town'
I knew you would ask;
Goin' down town,
Gunna see my girl,
Gunna sing her a song,
Gunna show her my ding-dong.
lol what is your ding-dong? From a Spanish point of view sounds extremely funny, hahaha. Hollywood!
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Yeah, you guessed it Maj!!!!
It's one of my fav songs to dance to, but the words are nuts! Hotel California.
"Her mind is tiffany twisted, she got the mercedes benz" - I mean, seriously, what?
Do you know of a site where i can find lyrics of songs? I am sure there are several because I have visited at least one before but I can't remember the address and I have no access to my own files yet.
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