how can measure the teacher is good or bad ?
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you may ask the children, I bet they can tell you...
dear all,
I would say.... you can know it after awhile, all depend of the future of children. Most of the time, a good teacher will try to do everything to help them to understand, and give them the best advice for their future.
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A good teacher is someone who is able to make you interested in a subject you had always been reluctant to study before. For example, until my 2nd year in high school, I hated maths. In my 2nd year in high school, I had a teacher who made me see another aspect of the subject and that made me understand a lot of things that had been confused before. A good teacher is someone who tries ,by every way available, to make you understand his subject and more than that, he is someone who gives you the ways to help you become what you want. A good teacher is someone who accepts being criticized and allows dialogue with his students, not the kind of teachers who impose their point of view as the only one that should be is someone who makes the classroom alive and makes you want to come inside, no matter what subject he is teaching. A good teacher would be able to teach you everything, and would make you want to learn more and go beyond your limits!!
Good Teacher : One who comes down to the level of students and teaches them in a friendly atmosphere
I am so agree with you...
But in addition....I would like to say...

A good teacher is someone......(can be anyone......not actually a 'teacher' in school)...that allows you and to help you in developing in different aspects...or to explore yourself...

A bad teacher can be *** May even be your friend.....
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Bad Teacher :

1) Works only for salary.
2) Not able to feel the student's pulse.
3) One who shows partiality.

Sometimes even inadequate knowledge and experience acts as a hinderence in becoming a good teacher.
I think a good teacher should be able to make their students laugh... and stop laughing too.
A good teacher invests time with a student. Interacts. Asks questions and listens for answers. It has nearly NOTHING to do with subject matter, nor is it that the teacher that wants to be your friend, spouse or parent. It is a good adult model who takes the time.
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