1.a man said:"that is a shame about your car,talk about bad timing!" what is "talk about bad timing1"
2.he snapped me for no reason!
3.a woman asked:"i could use a good work out!"a man replied;"sounds great,i could use a good work out"what is"use a good work out"
4.a librarian said:"i will have to get all the orders out before i leave today."

5.a woman told a man:"ask the professor if you can take the prerequisite class simultaneously.all he can do is say no!"what does "all he can do is say no"thank you for your answer
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Hello, Lawthinker Emotion: smile

The lack of context will make some of your sentences more difficult to explain than others. But let's give it a try.

1. "Bad timing" is the "wrong moment/time to do something or for something to happen".
In your sentence, we might suppose that my car broke down, and that happened when I really needed it because I had to go out of town on business. I told a man about it, and he responded me with your sentence, meaning that it was a pity that my car broke down and that it happened at a very bad time.

2. I'm not sure about this one. "Snap" has several different meanings, from "take a photograph" to "speak to someone angrily".

3. "I could use a good work out": let's take "I could use" and "a good work out" separately.

- "I could use something" means that I would like that "something" or that I would benefit from it. It is an informal expression. For example:
"I could use some help here" means that I'd welcome help.
"My throat is dry. I could use a drink" means that I'd like a drink.

- "Work out" is, among other things, physical exercise.

So your sentence #3 could mean that both the man and the woman would like to exercise to improve their physical fitness, or that working out would be good for them.

4. To "get out the orders" means I guess to "supply the books that have been requested".
In my opinion, the librarian means that he/she wants to deal with all the orders and fulfil them before heshe leaves.
Probably someone else will be able to explain this one better.

5. "All he can do is say no" means that the professor will not kill you for asking. The worst thing that may happen to you is that the professor says "no" (=he won't let you take the class).

I hope it helps.

thanks ,you are really very kind
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You're welcome, Lawthinker Emotion: smile

However, please wait until someone clarifies #2 and #4?

2) he snapped me for no reason!

When someone snaps at you, they usually talk to you in a rude fashion, often by yelling or speaking in a hash tone.

You also say someone snapped, meaning that they lost it. They went nuts or crazy.

A popular phrase in North America now is going "postal" which is slang for going crazy. "When I asked my boss for more vacation time, he went postal."

Loosely translated, When I asked my boss for more vacation time, he went absolutely nuts and said, "NO!!!," so loudly that the whole office overheard.

4) a librarian said:"i will have to get all the orders out before i leave today."

It depends on the context. It could mean that the librarian has to fulfill request from the library's users (orders from the users).

Or it could mean that the librarian is ordering new books from the publishers and has to get all the orders out before he or she leaves today.

a) If I was you, I'd buy a house now.

b) Mind if I come with?

c) I finnally seen "Fahrenheit 9/11" this weekend.

d) Everyone loses their cool now and then.

e) You are taller than me.

f) Her car's broke, so you'll have to drive.

g) Sammy hurt hisself in the game.

h) Just between you and I, she's going to quit her job soon.

i) Those children be up to no good.

j) Any chance of him meeting us after the concert?
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I disagree with question no 3.
In my opinion it must have a sexual meaning.
according the context,you are right,are you all north americans?these sentences are extracted from my TOEFL listening practice,idioms is really a big headache for me
I'll go along with Miriam with regard to question #3.
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