Hello sir,

i have one doubt that is :

``Drinking the water above the mouth without touching the glass to mouth``

what we call this type of drinking.Is there any term.

you can see this process in a photo in the following url:

http://www.take40.com/news/15861/lily-allen-vomits-in-street-after-drunk-concert !!-

in this image she was drinking water above the mouth without touching the glass to the mouth.what this way of drinking called.

why iam asking is ,one patient came to me complaining of ``incoordination between hand and the mouth while drinking something in this manner.inorder to deal with this case iam asking .Thank you so much.Waiting for your reply.

I can't think of a single word that describes this.

I'd just say 'drinking from a glass without touching it with your lips'.

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we used to call it Brahmin style when I was young. It was a way to share a drink without sharing germs.

In california we often call this "waterfalling" a drink; I've also heard it referred to as the "birdie".

Do the dew

Birdy (verb)

waterfall eg. I will water fall it so that you won't get contaminated.

Raed Albanon

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yakhi it's called waterfall