Nice to see you all again here.
I have a question here :

What are the three states matter changes_____?
A.into B.with C.between D.among.

I wonder whether you can give me the correct answer with your detail explanation why you choose that one. Any information or response will be highly appreciated.

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somebody please help me !
I think it is A, on my initial look, but maybe not. I take it there are only three states in total, that matter can exist in? So perhaps among or between.

I'll try moving this to the scientific questions section for you.
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I thought it would be easy for any native English speakers . Anyway, thank you so much for all you are going to do for me . I am expecting the final correct answer.
Hello Jacklong

I'll choose 'between'.

Matter can change in a mode of the following three: between solid and liquid states, between liquid and gaseous states, and between gaseous and solid states. Whatever it may be, the change can take place only between two physical states. So it should be 'between'.

Hello, paco

Thank you so much. Actually the correct answer is C, you got it. Thanks again!
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There are 4 states!
Solid, liquid, gaseous and... plasmatic (the plasma)
We use this state in the thermonuclear fusion.
There are actually 5 states, the 5th being the Bose-Einstein condensate discovered in 1995.

I personal also think its what she said i have a test on it and i need help tata
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