It looks like there is no verb form of revolution right??

I want to say something revolute...

but it turns out to be wrong because "revolute" means another thing totally


Um, the verb is "revolve".

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Revolt? Which definition of revolution do you mean? There could be around an object (such as a solar system) or events like the American Revolution.

I don't know what the verb form of revolution is!


I don't know what the verb form of revolution is!

That's already been answered above. It's 'revolve'.

The axle of this car revolves 120 times a minute. That's 120 revolutions a minute.

'revolution' in the sense of a major societal change is just a borrowing from the original meaning because it suggests a society that is completely turned around by the events of the time. English has many words like this. They are used for things that don't match the exact meanings that applied earlier in history.


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That has a different meaning. Click here .

I think it is revolve.
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I think that is not what they meant.

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