I have difficulties brainstorming ideas for my composition title.
For example : Write about a choice you made which did not turn out to be that crucial after all.
The basic idea that i had was Leader>make a choice>Weatherforecast predict rain>all outing cancel>>in the end small rain that lasted only 5 minutes. But this type of story is too typical..Any one can contribute some ideas to given topic?
AnonymousBut this type of story is too typical.
What do you mean by typical? Typical of what? Typical of this kind of story? Or do you mean "ordinary?"

If you have to write this composition for an English exam, I don't think you should worry too much about the "plot." What is more important is how you get from the beginning to the end : is your English good enough?

When I mark student compositions, I never grade them according to their originality or content (unless the content has nothing to do with the question.)

Your basic idea is fine. It is the language you use to tell your stroy that is important.

Hope this helps