Context: for instance, we like relaxing activities, therefore, we seek for yoga courses, or CDs relaxing music, or we go to the a spa center, etc.

Could you give me a word or two words to name in general those things we like whether they are related to relax or any other field, music, movies, whatever, those things we seek in the spa or in a CD? A generic word, or two words.

I hope I made myself clear ...

Pastimes? Hobbies? Avocations? Outside Interests?
Yes, thanks.
Please, could you think of words that look more formal? I would need something that reflect that we have passion for those things.
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To clarify a bit more, I am looking for the word/words to name the things we seek in the activities, not the word to name the activities in general. I mean, what makes us to be passionated, not the hobby, avoctiont itself.
Yes, perfect, passions!Emotion: smile
Could I add to it a simple easy word like 'point' or similar? so that it can't be confused with passions in general? No 'point', another, please, and I'll shut up from then onwards...
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I don't think it needs another word, nor is there a common collocation. 'Passion' is often used this way:

I have a passion for step-dancing.
Stamp collecting has always been my passion.
Trekking is a passion with me-- I have been to Nepal seven times.
OK, 'passions' then.
Thanks a lot Mister Micawber.