Suppose in an interview you are asked a question by the interviewer and you didn't understand it and you want it to be repeated what will you say?

I beg pardon, please.

pardon, please.

I beg your pardon please.

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hehe..: sorry...& pardon。。。
Wendelhehe..: sorry...& pardon。。。
hehe..: sorry...& pardon?

Seems very strange to me.
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I think: Could you repeat your question, please?

Or I didn't understand the first message of this topic?
I beg your pardon?
maybe pardon me? or excuse me?... or what was that again?, or even what?
Emotion: smile
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"What?" - this is the way of real Spartanian
SpartanianSpartan. Emotion: smile

In all but very informal contexts, responding 'What?' is considered pretty rude.

Best wishes, Clive
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