I'm researching "taboo" words around the world, in particular the cycle of swear words. For example, in American English fifty years ago, saying something like "god dammit," might have actually been offensive. Our culture has changed and this expression lost its potency. Another example is the word Fu*k. This was once classified as the worst word in the English language, but is now used quite casually among friends.
* What are the top five worst words in your first language?
* What do they mean in English?
* What (do you think) the worst words were in your grandparents' day?
* Have any words lost or gained strength as swear words? (Any ideas why or how this happened?)
I'm looking for a wide-range of languages, so take please take a minute to curse in your native tongue.
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Well, russian is a very rich language.) In fact for one English word there are 2-3 equivalents from russian. To tell the truth, I can`t speak with such "worst words". But people who come to our country like them very much and sometimes ask to teach them.Emotion: smile Maybe more liberate people from Russia will tell you the information you need.
It's hard to say! For 1 word "die", there are at least 10 words in Vietnamese to say! For just the word "black", there are at least 5 words in Vietnamese to express! Lolzz! It's not easy to say which is the worst word in my language! ^^

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R-girlTo tell the truth, I can`t speak with such "worst words". But people who come to our country like them very much and sometimes ask to teach them.Emotion: smile
Completely agree with you. I can't talk in that "bad" language either, albeit it happens but VERY rarely (if I'm realy got by something or someone Emotion: embarrassed). Once I was asked by a foreigner to teach him Russian foul language, which made me feel a bit confused...

Introduction to German cuss words starting with the most offensive:

Hurensohn (Hoorenzone) son of a who....

Fotze (Fottz-ah) cunX

Wichser (Vic-sar) jackin' off wimp

Nutte (Noot-ah) hookXX

Schwuchtel (Shwoo-ktel) fagXXX


NEVER use these words while in Germany unless you want to get in a fight. Those are the most commonly cuss words in Northern Germany.
To TammyBaby and to all
Yes, as a matter of fact, Vietnamese is plentiful of words and expressions... but I think we dont hav to find the way to express words to find out some "worst word". They are just similar expressions, some like slangs of streets.

Be frank, I think we can easily find out which are the worst words in our language... bcuz there'r many peoples use them in daily life and bcuz those words really hurt smone when being used.

Honestly I dont wana and be not able to speak them out at all. And I think there'r many people just like me about this point. This is a difficulty for people who wanna know all the best and worst part of another language. U must expected this would happen when u posted this topic, Anon? Emotion: smile

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Some of the most common curse words in finnish: (Not in any particular order)

offending someone:
huora = b * tch
kusipää = someone who has piss in his head
mulkku = d * ckhead

how to swear:
saatana = goddammit
perkele = same as previous
jumalauta = same as previous
vittu ~ f * ck (straight translation = cunt, but is used like the word f * ck in English)
helvetti = hell

I don't know how to write how they are pronounced. Usually when calling someone names these words are added together like: "Vitun kusipää" or "Saatanan mulkku".

You shouldn't, in any case, call anyone names if you are in Finland. But swearing is quite common, especially among young people. Besides these are the first words to teach if someone foreigner wants to learn finnish :-)
langauge bad ...so bad ....but i think ..it's fun ..

arabic langauge sayin' ..

shut f....ucked up .........say .....seer t wha wa ..but is slang morocco only ....

f....uck off ............seer t kwhatd ...

hard in use it ...
well, the worst word in Chinese i think.... it's quite difficult to tell which are the top 5 worst words. There are lots of dialects which are very different from each other in China, they all have their own worst word.

他妈的(ta1 ma1 de) i think it is the most commonly used cursed word in the north of China and those places that use Mandarine.
I am not quite sure what exactly it mean in english, if translated word by word, it sould be "your mom's" with the implied of sexual insult.

My mother tongue is Cantonese, people who speak Cantonese seldom use 他妈的 as a cursed word, we got cursed words here even worse than that, my input method here can't type those words and it is difficult to pronunce if u can't speak cantonese. They are more incline to sex and human genital organs......can't belive i just said thatEmotion: zip it........
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