This question goes out to any Medical students or professionals who would like to improve their English skills for their studies/job.

If you were to take a Medical English course, what would you like to be in the content of the course?

For example:

Taking a patient's medical history.
Case studies.
Asking basic questions.
Asking about symptoms.
Explaining a diagnosis.

If there are any other areas or ideas you could contribute, they would be greatly appreciated.

Chrisw, what I could to is to contribut with case studies that could be discussed by students. I believe that essential is teaching is the high level of involvement of students. a case that raise medical problem ( especcially interesting ones) can raise more interest than simple dialogues between patients and doctors, etc.
If you want I can ask some of my doctor friends. I don't know why I have so many of them. You are a doctor, Pieter? Aren't you?
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I fully agree - interactive teaching is and always will be the most efficient and effective way. I was just asking what content (topics) people would expect in a medical course.