Hello everyone,

I plan to purchase some books in a few days, and one of them would be definitely be a grammar book - I am not very good at it, and so would like to improve even if it exerts me a bit.

One of the books that has been recommended in some websites is the Cambridge Grammar of English (http://www.amazon.com/Cambridge-Grammar-English-Paperback-Comprehensive/dp/0521674395 ). At the moment, I am a year 11 secondary student studying in Australia. Next year I will do an exam of English.

Hopefully you can help me on what grammar books to purchase, either that or something else. My English is pretty rusty now, and with the money I have left I can afford at least one book about English grammar.

Thank you, I appreciate your help.
I ordered that Carter &McCarthy book with great anticipation, but I am very disappointed with it and never use it. I found the CD-ROM even more confusing to deal with. I think it is wrong for you for 2 reasons: ( 1) it is too big, and (2 ) it is a little too advanced. Together, those often make it difficult or impossible to locate the grammar point you want. Overall, the quickest and handiest reference, in my opinion, remains Michael Swan's Practical English Usage. When I want more information than Swan offers, I grab Leech & Svartvik's A Communicative Grammar of English.

I realize, however, that each has his own favorite, and I would be interested in hearing what those who like the Cambridge Grammar of English have to say.
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Thank you for your suggestions Micawber. Michael Swan's Practical English Usage looks like a friendly book, from the looks and comments for it. I will perhaps purchase this book, there is no need to get into too much detail, but enough that is understandable.
Then Swan's will do you very nicely, I think. It is quite easy to navigate.

Just to be sure, would I be getting the Practical English Usage International Edition? It is cheaper compared to the other 3rd Edition, and was published at a later date. Want to make sure everything is right before purchases are almost finalised.

Anyway, thank you very much for the help Emotion: smile

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To be honest, I have not looked at the international edition, but it looks fine to me. Go for it!