I want to send a Christmas card to Prof. John Wakefield, and i don't know how to write properly.

Who can help me and write some flowery and standard greetings .

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I usually just write 'Merry Christmas', and then sign it as 'Clive'.

The mail service must be slow, where you live. Emotion: stick out tongue

Best wishes, Clive,

Thanks for your reply.

"Merry Christmas" is quite normal ,and is a decent way, but

i want to know have you got some special and appropriate greetings i can write to my prof.

He is now in China, and i can deliver the card in his postbox directly Emotion: big smile
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I hope he isn't accustomed to google on his own name, Fish.

Otherwise, he'll have advance warning of the contents of your card.

Emotion: stick out tongue
I'm sure he will not google on this name,for this is another prof's.

WHO can heeeeelp me?

How about

Thank you for all your kindness.

Merry Christmas from your student,

and sign it

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I've got some special

1.Returning with a wish for your merriest Christmas ever

2. Don't stand under the mistletoe with anyone but me

3. I want you stuffed in my stocking

It's said they are Christams greetings ,but i don't know what they mean,

Which one can i send to my prof?

Don't use any of these!

#1 is a little too personal, and slightly odd grammar. It also assumes that he sent you a card already.

#2 and #3 are intimate things you'd say to your girlfriend.

Clive#2 and #3 are intimate things you'd say to your girlfriend.

(Surely that would be "I want me stuffed in your stocking"?)
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